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EdFed is a student loan service provider that provides world-class client care to students and graduates. We specialize in assisting graduate students with debt management and consolidation.
EdFed is partnered with Education Lending Group and Fifth Third Bank to offer a wide range of financing options, including Stafford and PLUS federal loans, private loans, and student loan consolidation. Our federally guaranteed student loans are originated under the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP).

We offer comprehensive information and resources to assist students, parents, and guidance professionals with the financial aid process.

As a company staffed by individuals with graduate and professional degrees, EdFed understands the financial needs of our MEDICAL student and graduate customers better than anyone else. As a result, we always ensure that our customers take advantage of every opportunity to save money on their loans and repayment.

EdFed is a Juriscape company and is dedicated to enhancing the financial futures of MEDICAL students and graduates throughout the United States. We encourage you to visit us at to learn more.